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After heating principle electric heater home

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 After heating principle electric heater home
heating cable is energized, hot heat, and run at a temperature between 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and buried in a packed bed of heating cables, the heat by thermal conduction (convection) manner and issue 8 - 13um far infrared radiation heating body. In the building, industrial, etc. are using.
and low-temperature radiant electric heating is an electric radiant heating mode, it electricity energy to electric film of fever, most of the heat in the form of radiation into the room, so that the walls, the furniture to heat up, and then through the convective Thermal heating the indoor air, and through an independent temperature control device so that it has an adjustable thermostat, economic comfort features. Electric heating film mainly in two ways, namely, radiation and conduction principle, can be installed in the ceiling, or floor below the dado, vegetable greenhouses and so on.
carbon fiber heating works under excitation triggered, resulting in "Brownian motion" through the carbon molecules by impact and friction between the carbon molecules to produce heat, generate a lot of infrared radiation, the rate of electricity and thermal energy conversion 98% or more. These high-tech core technology has been applied in the field, including livestock electric floor heating, pipe insulation, roofing and other warm snowmelt project.

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Tag:Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

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