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Carbo Crystal wall Warm convenient shortcut into popular choice

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We all know that more and more people are now more and more requirements for the life of their own home comfort, then more and more types of heating products on the market right now, so consumers do not know the line how to choose the right heating products is the key, said According of Shaanxi KAILE Rick floor heating company responsible, clean energy, new energy-based heating equipment loudest voices, but also most welcome. And more inherent advantages, but they are combined with the northern region there Imperfections. In particular, we have requested the following professionals to do analysis in such cases.
Rapid promotion and development of household heating systems, wall-hung boilers heat source based in rich natural gas resources or perfect the construction of natural gas pipeline network of the Yangtze River city. Wall-hung boilers combined with floor heating systems and radiator heating system in the northern city. Take the example of our northern cities wet cold in winter and comfortable environment is poor. This region in the summer, hot weather temperature is about 38 ℃ in the winter, the temperature in about 2 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, the high water content of the air, humidity, combined with winter sunshine less, the southern winter relative to the North, people feel more cold. Traditional central heating facilities in the northern region is relatively small, wall-hung boilers to natural gas as the energy sub-form of household heating, as northern residents good way to solve heating. Traditional heating heating technology has been a more extensive form of technical standards in the development of its own needs to be improved. So, copying the design and technical standards of the northern region of the heating does not work, which has undergone a number of verification. In addition, the northern region, combined with the application of floor heating systems, radiators, carbon crystal wall warm heating system with a wall-hung boilers, have emerged more or less.

Air source heat pump applications as a wide range of heat pump types, but this is also a popular southern optional products. Air source heat pump heating technology, the biggest problem is the frosting of the evaporator, the issue has not yet been effective and economically reasonable solution, especially in southern China, air humidity and low temperatures, the heat pump use more unfavorable. In the southern China region are generally general or moderate frost areas, general average frost defrost loss coefficient of about 0.8, ie 20% for the heat needed to defrost, when the primary air source heat pump water chiller in addition to the heating capacity of the standard operating conditions on the nameplate into the use conditions of heating capacity, the results shall be provided to fully consider using conditions frosting. So can be seen from the content on the carbon crystal wall warm there is still a lot of differences, air source heat pump use in wet areas, frost is inevitable. They should be developed other types of heat pumps, ground source heat pump, sewage source heat pump, air source heat pump combined with solar energy, energy storage technology to improve the frost problem. These areas are more popular, I believe that can be achieved in the near future, a major breakthrough, the heat pump system more widely in the southern region.

Carbon crystal wall warm heating energy-saving environmental representatives, although compared with other heating equipment is not low cost, but it itself has great flexibility and comfort advantages. Electric boiler with a radiator or floor heating system can produce the temperature gradient, but rather this temperature can well meet the comfort requirements of the human body, reduce the carbon crystal wall heating products, there is a big advantage generated low maintenance structure temperature cold radiation causes the body to produce cold sensation. Carbon crystal wall warm in the use of the process of adjustment convenient, easy to control, continuous and uniform heat supply the defrosting process avoid the use of heat pumps stop heating the drawbacks of facilities. In addition, in order to promote electric heating applications in the North, in the north to vigorously develop energy-efficient buildings or the renovation of existing buildings for insulation on the maintenance of the structure. Increase the carbon crystal wall warm TOU policy in some major cities, electricity turned on the electric heating device with the energy storage device of Regenerative can take advantage of the valley, turn off the power when the peak heating, energy savings heating . You can also achieve better economic efficiency.

Northern region heating exist many problems in how to better solve a critical problem, and now the new carbon crystal wall heating products in the process of exploration and promotion applications slowly accumulate generated in promoting these products the heating process of the South, but also to promote innovation and upgrading of heating technology, I believe that the path of development of the joint efforts of all the carbon crystal wall heating products in the near future will be more broad.






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