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Electric heater advantages and how to save energy

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Electric heater advantages and how to save energy

First, the traditional heating installation cumbersome, has been renovated housing can not be installed. Electric heater carbon crystal heating carbon crystal plate thickness is only two centimeters thick, as long as there is power to easy to install, easy to use.
Second, the traditional heating installation and use of funds is too high. Installation fee of 100 square meters 12,000 more per year regardless of whether it uses long, have to pay large sums of money heating costs. 100 square meters of electric heater national standard residential installation fee of 9,000 yuan. Can be a single room operation, not at home to turn off the power, save a lot of heating costs.
Third, the traditional drying heating, plumbing air is very dry. People in a dry environment may cause long-term dry mouth, skin breakdown, some people are not suited. Carbon crystal heating principle is electrically energized carbon molecules in the Brownian motion, infrared heat wave, so little effect on the ambient humidity, the use of comfort.
1, first open the set temperature should be 18 ℃, and remained in use until the thermostat automatically stops to rid the room five cold wall surface radiation, thereafter, the system can be used normally.
2, do not turn off when the day to leave thermostat can be set at 8-10 ℃ insulation, energy consumption in this state is much smaller than the room heated from 0 ℃ to 10 ℃ power consumption. Therefore, if no more room on the 2nd, you can turn off the thermostat to ensure energy saving and safety.
3,15 ~ 18 ℃ is the best equilibrium temperature, heating up every 1 ℃ will increase by about 6% of the energy consumption. 4% decrease 1 ℃ lower energy consumption.
4,15 ~ 18 ℃ near the maximum power operating power of about 25%.
5, such as room pipe burst causing a large area of ​​water should immediately stop using the system to ensure the maintenance and inspection before re-use, to avoid joint leakage caused by security incidents.
6, the voltage at 220V ± 30% fluctuation will not affect the inner wall carbon crystal heating system used, but may cause thermostat failure.







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