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Electric patio heater for beauty have no effect?

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Electric patio heater for beauty have no effect?
Because carbon crystal plate heat radiation directly to the indoor temperature rises faster than traditional plumbing and heating cable five times faster. High thermal efficiency is the highest electric conversion material. Health Physiotherapy carbon crystal plate in the heat at the same time, upward infrared radiation. Medically known as "the light of life." The human body has an excellent health effect on the disease after conditioning with the promotion of the role of rehabilitation.
Common electric patio heater for beauty can have several effects:

1, freckle: far-infrared radiation facial skin, the skin deep accelerate blood circulation, detoxification accelerated sedimentation removal of heavy metals and toxins, and other stubborn spots gradually disappears.

2, anti-aging: increased blood circulation, the body of lactic acid, free fatty acids smooth discharge, prompting each cell rejuvenation, the body naturally younger.

3, weight: As far infrared rays penetrate the body, causing water molecules in the body resonance, and promote drainage of the large group, small group water molecule water molecule, eliminate swelling of the body, including the eye puffiness.

4, balance sebaceous glands, far infrared radiation penetrates facial skin dermis, due to the control of the normal secretion of the sebaceous glands, acne heal within a short time. As far infrared to stimulate the skin secretion of the sebaceous glands, in the short term, moisturize dry skin.






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