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Home heater heating principle

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Home heater heating principle
    Home heater under the action of the electric field, heating the carbon molecules in the body of a "Brownian motion", carbon molecules and intense friction between the impact, beyond the heat generated in the form of infrared radiation and convection of external transmission, the power and thermal energy conversion rate of 98% or more. The role of carbon molecules of carbon crystal wall warm surface temperature rises rapidly, the warm wall mounted on the wall, it will continuously heat evenly delivered to every corner of the room. Carbon crystal wall for space heating has been able to play the role of rapid warming, lies in its 100% electric energy input is efficiently converted into more than 65% of the far infrared radiant heat and 30% convection heat.
    A far-infrared radiation heating home heater in the electric field, it will radiate a large number of wavelengths in the 8-14 micron far infrared, far infrared receptors received after the energy is absorbed into heat. This heating environment in which human thermal sensation enhancement, it is because the human body far infrared rays directly to the compensation body surface cooling. Far infrared reach the walls and other building envelope, heating faster than air heating, the ambient temperature is more balanced.
    (2) heating the home heater convection heating surface material of the far-infrared absorption of energy, as long as 5-10 minutes, the heat storage layer and the thermal equilibrium is reached, the heat storage layer close to the wall of the room slowly surface air delivery. Press the "lighter hot air, cold air heavy" The role of thermal engineering principles, close to the wall of the air heated gradually increased, and the air is constantly added to the wall temperature heating ...... so on ad infinitum, and ultimately the air vertically convection driven by improved indoor environmental temperature.

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Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

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