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Home heater warm energy-saving effect analysis soon

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Home heater warm energy-saving effect analysis soon
current warm wall carbon crystal heating methods, this method of heating coal changed in the past to take warm warm heating method, the home heater warm this heating method, you are able to intelligent regulation room temperature, when you set the temperature to arrive after midnight, will take the initiative continuous heating, and heating division, this method has the best interests of heating energy, capable of a maximum limit allows you to completely not necessary for electricity and anxiety.
1, due to the warm wall carbon crystal is the use of mobile, so whatever you can bask in any one place, in Chufang, in the bathroom, etc. You only need 30 minutes can be stapled to the wall, convenient, that the demolition of the box.
2, Home heater very warm energy-saving, electric conversion rate of about 100%, electricity is almost complete conversion, plus the flexibility of the control room, enabling users to switch according to their actual situation heating system is very convenient, and save heating costs. Allows you to maintain a constant temperature room status, comfortable and healthy.
3, lower cost compared to the cost of air conditioning, and then use the thermostat than the usual 30% of air conditioning energy consumption.

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Tag:Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

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