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Infrared heater distinction between brands

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Infrared heater distinction between brands

Current carbon crystal wall heating industry brands rarely, hodge complex and chaotic, the price difference is very obvious, leading to many customers fall into the "cost" of bait, such as: Some users buy from that "quality and price cheap "commodity, after a year of problems with the results, with parts cut corners, repair rate, and even find dealers.
Big brand manufacturers do not compromise on quality, creating a brand is not easy, protect and promote a brand is more simple, they are not free to step on the wire, destroying years of brand. So the price is quite reasonable given the difference is not too large.
Small plant-name, OEM too shoddy carbon crystal original board, board and thin, poor quality workmanship welding, domestic artificial foam blowing agents, OEM products are mostly unqualified, and even screen Diaoqi color, look gives a non-reassuring feeling. Accessories acquisition quality and low-price products, installation is not standardized, shot for a place, and often change brands. Such warm wall carbon crystal Despite the low price, but no quality assurance.

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