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Wall heater has a strong health treatment

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Wall heater has a strong health treatment
        In market research, we found that many consumers prefer to use warm carbon crystal wall carbon crystal plate heat radiation directly to the indoor temperature rises faster than traditional plumbing and heating cable five times faster. Secondly, the carbon crystal wall warm advocate precise heating concept is generally partition to install, partition control, district heating, with the most economical and reasonable solution to meet consumer demand for heating. Easy installation is warm carbon crystal wall is a big advantage, can install and suitable for various wall materials.
        Wall heater has a strong health treatment, the carbon crystal plate in the heat at the same time beneficial to humans emit far infrared, can improve the body's micro-circulation, promote metabolism, improve human immunity, and more healthy. Fifth, the carbon crystal wall warm safe, reliable, carbon crystal plate completely solved the ordinary carbon products in the acid environment of cement and other electric induction leak is completely zero electromagnetic radiation, safe and reliable. Carbon crystal heating material life is up to 100,000 hours when used without worries.






Tag:Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

Electric heater,Home heater,Wall heater,Infrared heater

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