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Wall heater to explain how to use the dedicated switch

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Wall heater to explain how to use the dedicated switch

Note: When laying out the space heating area ≥ 50% or more, and the thermostat should be supporting the use of the laying of the overall use of reference to use steps. However, due to low configuration, the heating rate and the heating effect will be slightly lower than the overall configuration is.
overall laying case, use the thermostat operation as follows:
one, first use the steps
① the set temperature on the thermostat 18 ℃.
② continuous power operation, to ensure normal operation thermostat to automatically disconnect, paragraph a longer running time, the main purpose is to get rid of the room walls, the ground cold radiation.
③ After that, the system can be run by everyday use.
two, everyday use steps
① Do not turn off the day when they go out the thermostat switch can be set in 8 ~ 10 ℃ low temperature to maintain state, this state is much smaller than the energy consumption of the room heated from 0 ℃ to 10 ℃ power consumption.
② out after returning home, the thermostat controls the temperature is raised to normal expectations.
③ before going to sleep at night may be appropriate to reduce the unmanned area thermostat temperature control.
④ like to go out more than 2 days, you can turn off the thermostat to ensure energy saving and safety. After returning home, the first mode is enabled by the initial use of the system until the system is operating normally, and then resume their daily usage patterns.
⑤ If you want energy efficiency, low-temperature controller can adjust the set temperature, do not people to open and people walking off. Both the costs of electricity without heating.
⑥ proposed low price increases system uptime period to increase the indoor temperature.







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