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Golden Morn carbon crytal heater

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 Goloden Morn cardon crystal heater

1, the principle of carbon crystal heater

Carbon crystal electric board is modified after the carbon fiber made ​​of carbon crystal grain milling process, the carbon crystal particles and polymer synthetic resin material produced by a special process heating material. Principle is that the heating effect of the electric field, heating the carbon molecules in the body of a "Brownian motion", the carbon molecules dramatic impact and friction heat, and beyond the infrared radiation in the form of external heat transfer, the electricity and heat conversion rate of 98% or more. Carbon crystal electric board in the power tens of seconds, the surface temperature increased rapidly from ambient temperature and at a constant temperature of external conduction heating.

2,the advantage of Golden Morn carbon crystal heater

The advantages of carbon crystal wall warm

1、 Rapid temperature rising, heat evenly

2、 Enviromental protection and healthy physical therapy.

3 、Long lifespan , safe and durable.It has truly realized “being free from worry and effort”.

4 、Stable hearting with double—effect energy—saving fuction

5 、Simple to handle and free to control temperature

6 、Saving space and few impacts on floor height

7 、5—year free warranty and lifelong maintenance services paid

8 、Decorative,various and personalized

10 、The far infrared ray is healthy to huamans

GOLDEN MOREN carbon crystal warm wall heating heating one hundred hours of sustainable. with the same area of carbon fiber, the carbon crystal panel heater need less power to achieve the same effect of carbon fiber.

3, widely use range

Golden Morn carbon crystal wall mounted panel heaters are widely used in room, hotel, and shop, school, hospital, garden house, vegetable patches, gas station etc.They are popular in winter and the places require constant temperature.We have made great efforts on human health and enviromental protection.

4 ,The difference between carbon crystal heater and carbon fiber

1. Carbon fiber heating plate due to uneven heating, with the same area of carbon carstal heating plate, the carbon fiber need increase the power to achieve the whole plate heating. In this way, the temperature difference is very big in the plate surface. The temperature overheating in the surface can cause the burnt block, like the sunspots gradually burnt cause damage and can’t heat up. So with the same area as carbon crystal panel plate, the carbon fiber plate cost more electricity.

2. The carbon crystal heating plate is even heating and the temperature difference of the surface is not big. with the same area of carbon fiber, the carbon crystal panel heater need less power to achieve the same effect of carbon fiber. The designed temperature of carbon crystal is 45-80 degree and no overheating point, let alone the burnt block.

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