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Difference between canbon crystal heater and carbon carbon fiber heater

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 Difference between canbon crystal heater and carbon carbon fiber heater

Different production cost

1. Carbon fiber heating plate has simple structure, ordinary material and low production cost.

2. Carbon crystal heating plate has good material selection from the recipe to the insulation board. It has sophisticated technology. The production cost is a little higher.

Different safety performance


1. When carbon fiber heater is used some security risks may appear such as power leakage, tripping and poor insulation. Some serious accidents even happen like fires.

2. The carbon crystal heater is safe and reliable. It has accurate heating temperature and product power setting. There is no worry in using.


Different power accuracy

1.Because of the inhomogeneity of the same batch of carbon paper, there is big difference between the power of the molded product and the nominal power.

2.Carbon crystal heating plate is unified in recipe and adopts computer equipment spraying process. The same batch is completely uniform. And the nominal is very accurate.


Different heating condition      

1.Due to uneven heating, the carbon fiber needs to increase the power to achieve the whole plate heating with the same area of carbon crystal heating plate. In this way, the temperature difference is very big in the plate surface. The temperature overheating in the surface can cause the burnt block, like the sunspots gradually burnt cause damage and can’t heat up. So with the same area as carbon crystal panel plate, the carbon fiber plate cost more electricity.

2. The carbon crystal heating plate has even heating and the temperature difference of the surface is not big. With the same area of carbon fiber, the carbon crystal panel heater need less power to achieve the same effect of carbon fiber. The designed temperature of carbon crystal is 45-80 degree and no overheating point, let alone the burnt block.


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